Lapp's Amish Sheds & Barns



Your Chalet Shed will make a great landscape statement in your yard while providing flexible storage for your frequently used items as well as seldom used items.



Our Cottage Sheds can help you solve your clutter and organizational needs. The walls are high enough to accommodate many garden tools and sports equipment.

BB 2

Big Barn

Garden and recreational equipment can easily be placed on walls or floor space. Smaller items can be stored on wall shelves (see our wall storage packages).



The Salt Box Shed would fall into the category of functional yard art. This stylish building brings that bit ‘o country to your property while offering lots of storage space.


Little Barn

Small yards offer less upkeep, but can easily become eyesores with equipment under tarps and recreational gear not under cover.


Carriage House

Whether you need wall space, floor space, or overhead storage, this building can provide all of that and do it in style.


Garden House

With its salt box style roof line and classic trim details, this building has the country looks that many gardeners prefer.


Repurposed Shed

Think 'green' and repurpose! Make good use of this functional conversation piece for your lawn or garden.


Carriage House Style Garage

When classic looks matter, The Classic Carriage House Garage is the way to go. Perfect for your classic car or motorcycle.


Big Barn Style Garage

Efficiently designed, Big Barn Garages offer the flexible storage and security the home owner wants.


Cottage Style Garage

The high walls of a Cottage style garage take care of your storage needs with ready to use hanging space and shelves.


Chalet Style Garage

This well appointed and architecturally pleasing design is more than just another pretty building.

Door Options

Shed Doors

• Add the convenience of an extra entrance
• Access partitioned areas
• Easy and quick accessDescriptionAdding An Extra Door Can Make A Difference.
Make your building work more effectively for you by adding a side door. Sometimes it is more convenient to quickly open a single door than to open the double doors. Retrieve smaller items quickly. Done in your colors to match the rest of your shed. If you have a partition wall, you can can access one area and keep the other side secure.FeaturesSturdily constructed frame using 2x4’s
Can be built with a vinyl or T1-11 skinSizes:3’ single door, 4’, 5’, and 6’ double doors.Additional Door Options (PDF)

Raised Panel Doors


• Traditional style to match your architecture or landscape
• Increase the accessibility to your building in style
• Rich looking panels are highly weather resistant

DescriptionClassic Look And Weather Worthy!
Adding a raised panel door to your storage building will increase its utility and add an extra detail to its looks. If your building is large, the extra entrance is a welcome addition. By including a single side door to your design, you can quickly get to the smaller items you need, while relying on the double doors to access your large items, such as, lawn and garden equipment.FeaturesFiberglass skin absorbs blows—will not dent like steel
Can be painted with any of our 21 colors
Hardware includedSize:Standard size is 36" wide.

Lighted Doors


• Traditional looking Raised Panel door styling
• Great for working areas where light is needed, but drafts are not
• Add to the accessibility to your building

DescriptionA Stylish Way to Provide Increased Visibility!
A Lighted Door is a very functional accent to your traditional styled shed. Rich looking raised panels are enhanced by an upper level of window space partitioned by integral dividers. A classic look that will allow increased light to enter your building without taking up more wall space.FeaturesFiberglass skin is highly weather resistant
Offering 11-Lite, 5-Lite Sunburst, or 9-Lite Rectangular configurations
Available painted in any of our 21 colorsSize:Standard size is 36" wide. Custom sizes can be ordered.

Higher Doors


• Offers a solution for larger pieces of equipment
• Makes storage of frequently used materials achievable
• Combined with higher walls this is an option for individuals concerned with headroom.


If ease of access is an issue, our higher doors option can accommodate your needs.

While providing easier access to your building, increasing the door height makes placing items in and removing them an efficient option. Storage of a variety of lawn, garden, and recreational equipment becomes a real possibility. Taller individuals will appreciate hassle free entrance to their building.


Door height can be raised to 76”.
Higher walls are mandatory to accommodate these doors.
Can be done in vinyl or T1-11.

Garage Doors


• Provide convenient access to storage
• Create a more efficient workspace
• Increase light and ventilation


Whether you use your building mainly for storage or as a workspace, adding a garage door can be a real benefit. A large opening makes it easy to place items in or take out, not to mention the increase in natural light when the door is rolled up. Now you can really see what you need! When its warm, but you need to work under a roof, roll up the door for increased air flow. This is a welcome addition to a multi-functional building.


Heavy steel door skin
Steel frame construction
Available in 4 color choices—brown, white, almond, and sandstoneSize:

9’x7’ is standard. Custom sizes can be ordered

Insulated Garage Doors


• Extend the use of your workspace into colder months
• Add the convenience of a roll up door for easy access
• Energy efficient and quiet to operate


For Comfort and Accessibility!

Some of our customers use their ”storage shed” as a workspace for hobbies, such as, woodworking or vehicle maintenance. An insulated garage or roll-up door provides an extra measure of comfort during extreme weather, The roll-up feature makes it convenient to bring in supplies or take out completed projects. A great upgrade for your shed or garage.


Heavy duty steel skin
Insulation is environmentally safe polystyrene
Available in 4 color choices—white, brown, almond, and sandstoneSize:

9’x7’ is standard. Custom sizes can be ordered.

Window Options

Standard Shed Windows


• Adding an extra window can improve your workspace
• Open windows increase ventilation when you need it
• Brighten up your storage area for increased visibility


Let There Be Light!

If you plan to work inside your building, adding additional windows can brighten up the work area. Because our windows lock securely, your items will be protected. Open up the window to allow more air flow—bug free with the screens that are included.Features

Single hung metal painted
Frame and sash corners are welded for strength and remain water tight
Integral lock for increased security and water resistanceSizes:

18”x22”, 18”x36”, 24”x36”

Vinyl Clad Windows


• Gives your building that finished and custom look
• Offers security and protection
• Increased visibility and ventilation as you work inside


Low Maintenance And A Great Look!

Extend your ability to work inside your shed/garage by adding a smart looking Vinyl Clad Window. With its integral grids and a choice of a clay or white finish, this window dresses up the appearance of your building, while performing the function of increasing light and ventilation to your workspace. A classic look!


Vinyl construction provides high thermal performance
Dual weather seal
3/4” insulating glass
Screens are includedSize:

24”x36” is standard.

Transom Windows


• Pleasant architectural feature
• Light is placed high above doors to brighten larger area
• Natural light improves visibility in work space


Slim Line Provides Extra Light Without Taking Up Much Space.

Here is a highly functional architectural addition to your building. Transom light windows can efficiently brighten an area without diminishing valuable wall space. They are perfect for buildings used as workshops. If security is an issue, transoms provide light up high making it difficult to see the contents of your shed. A little light can go along way!


Frame corners are welded for strength and water tight corners


Lengths of 4’, 5’ and 6’ to be place over doors

Window Flower Box


• Practical way to enhance the look of your building
• Change the contents as the seasons change
• Small investment for some major impact


Add A Bit Of Country Garden Flavor To Your Backyard!

Ok, maybe “practical” is a stretch, but to the gardener in the family it makes all the sense in the world. What better way to display your “green thumb” than to show off your favorite flowers in our Window Flower Boxes? Simple, sturdy, and eyecatching!


Low maintenance, non-porous material with drainage holes
Choice of colors
Sturdily mounted for years of serviceSize:

6” high by 6” deep by 24” wide


Vent Options

Louvered Vents


• Gives a traditional architectural look to your building
• Can be used as an accent in conjunction with your other trim
• Can efficiently deal with built up heat from your roof


A Traditional Look to Do A Necessary Function.

End vents can effectively help to disperse the heat produce from your roof during the warmer months. This traditional approach to ventilation is colored to match your siding. The Carriage House Louvered End Vents become an architectural accent on a steeply pitched.


Standard louvered vents are sturdily constructed of metal

Size matches the pitch of the roof

Carriage House End Vents are trimmed in wood and can be painted any of our colors

Ridge Vent


• Blends in with your shingle color.
• Disperses heat at the highest point.
• Can be added to Louvered vents to better facilitate heat dispersion


Vent Your Structure As Part of Your Roof System.

Depending on the location of your building, heat buildup can be a problem, especially, if you are storing heat sensitive items. One option is to use a ridge vent system similar to what is used in many house roofs. Our ridge vents have little visual impact and disperse heat at the highest point of your building—important as heat rises. Any of our shingles can have matching ridge systems.

Low profile for less visual effect.
Matching ridge shingles hide vent.
With a length of 10’ this is an efficient system

Cupola Vents


• A classic look to solve a basic problem
• Complete the carriage house look with this distinctive item
• Matching shingle complete your look


Make an architectural impact with one of our Cupolas

Combined with end vents, a cupola can function to give your building heat relief while enhancing its looks. With a weathervane mounted on top, this is a welcome addition for the hardscape of your yard.


Constructed of low maintenance white vinyl for years of service
All cupolas are prepared for weathervanes


21” by 21” square. Other custom sizes are available.



Interior Options

Painted Interiors

• Strongly recommended for use as a workshop or craft shop
• Provide the bright environment needed to perform skill activities
• Increase the visibility to identify the stored objects you want to retrieve


If you plan to work inside your building, efficiently increase available light with a painted interior.

An easy solution to increase the lighted area of your shed/garage is to have it painted—white for best visibility. Put the flashlight away. Now you can more readily see your stored items or the careful work you have been doing on your workbench. An inexpensive add on that can produce tangible results.


Both wall and ceiling surfaces are completely covered
Same durable paint is used as on our exterior siding

Preasure Treated Floors


• Provides increased protection in “soggy” areas.
• The peace of mind to secure and protect items prone to moisture damage.


If moisture is an issue on your site, having a pressure treated floor could be the answer.

Although we always use pressure treated floor joists and runners, your site conditions may warrant even more moisture protection. When damp conditions are your nemesis, pressure treated flooring can provide a greater measure of protection. Storing valuable items ,such as, antiques can be accomplished with greater confidence.


Pressure Treated ply wood flooring, 5ply, 5/8” thickness.


Available on any size shed. Check the style shed of your interest to determine available sizes.



• A great idea for storing lots of smaller items along your walls
• A fine way for crafts people to organize their materials
• Easy way for gardening or recreational gear to be stored


Increase The Storage Possibilities Of Your Shed with Sturdy Shelving.

As an option we offer shelving that is installed along the walls of your shed. It can greatly improve the ability to store items that either get lost hanging on the walls or can be better retrieved from a shelf. Whether the “green thumb” in your family has lots of pots and tools or your sportsman needs to clean up his act and organize all those recreational toys, our shelving can provide the extra space you need.


Solid wood construction with bracing.
Can be placed at any level you need.Size:

Comes in any length you need and at widths of 1’, 1.5’, or 2’

Work Benches


• Makes the inside of your building a functional workspace
• A necessity for woodworkers, gardeners, and mechanics
• Worktop or heavy duty storage


For The True Hobbiest In Your Family!

Working on tasks at a comfortable level can be a real back saver. With one of our sturdy benches you can save the back strain and see what you are doing with greater ease. So, regardless of your main hobby, you can be “in the zone” while working off of your bench!


Solid 2x4 and ¾ plywood construction.
Normally built at 34” off the floor, it can be built to your needs.
Built to the width of your buildingSize:

Benches are made in 24” widths to your desired length.



• Dramatically increase storage without taking up valuable floor space
• Get those seldom used or “rainy day” items under cover and out of the way
• A flexible way to organize the extra stuff in your life without having to give it up


Extra Storage That Is Completely Out Of Your Way.

Some people have a limited ground area to place a storage shed, but have a multitude of items to store. Lofts can be an efficient and economic solution. By storing items over head, you will have the floor space for those large items or frequently used equipment that you need to get your hands on. Future building supplies, seasonal items, and things that you just can’t get rid of are safely protected until you want them.


Solidly built of 2x4’s and plywood.
Build against each end of your building to allow access in between lofts.
Available for Big Barns, Cottages, Chalets, and Classic Carriage Houses.Size:

Built to the width of your building at wall height to a depth of 4’.

Pegboard Wall Storage


• Allows precise placement of tools and materials.
• A great way to organize your recreational items.
•Flexible—can be modified any time.


If Neat And Careful Storage Is A Need, Our Peg Board Wall Systems Could Be Your Answer!

Neatniks—and you know who you are—will appreciate the value of peg board storage systems to organize items in an efficient arrangement. The rest of us can give in to organization because of the ease in which you can store and access items that we frequently use. A place for everything with flexibility to adapt it to our changing needs.


Solidly attached to the 2x4 studs of your building.
Heavy duty peg board for stable storage of items.
Many attachment and hanger devices available to suit your needs.


Miscellaneous Options



• Classic Colonial Look
• Decorative way to increase light and ventilation
• Custom impact on your landscape


A Classic Feature that Efficiently Brings In Natural Light.

The dormered roof is an icon of American architecture. Bring that same look to your backyard buildings with a dormer package. Each dormer blends into your roof with the same materials. Originally built to increase light and ventilation, our dormers do the same for you, while adding architectural detail rarely seen on today’s buildings.



• Provides easy access to your equipment without lifting
• Wheeled equipment is efficiently place inside
• Drive your mower right into your storage building


Make It Easy To Store Larger Equipment With One Of Our Ramps Sized For Your Door Opening.

A ramp can be a real labor savor—especially, on your back! Sized to fit the opening of your doors, the ramps can stay affixed or can be unscrewed to be place out of the way. Whether you drive into your shed with motorized equipment or just eliminate the upward and downward step into and out of your building, the ramp provides efficiency for many homeowners or professional gardeners/lawnkeepers.


Constructed of pressure treated lumber
Easily mounts to the door opening with screws
Creates a gradual rise to the buildingSize:

Sized according to the door opening—3’, 4’, 5’, 6’

Reverse Gable


• Dramatically changes the look of your building
• Sized to give a balanced look
• Beautiful addition to your landscape


When A Box-like Building Is Just Not Enough!

A box is a box is a box….but, a reverse gable changes that predictable look. Is it a shed, or does someone live in there? This addition makes a real architectural statement on your property. This is not for the casual landscape aficionado, but for the enthusiast who wants to make a difference. Do I hear garden party?


Solidly built of 2x4 construction

Savanna Package


• Covered porch to offer shade and protection
• Clever architectural appeal
• Adds lots of light to the interior


Relax And Enjoy The View In A Savannah Package Porch!

Our Savannah Package add- on provides the eye appeal that landscape conscious individuals really appreciate. Stylishly appointed with lighted window, railing, and contrasting shutters, you will receive rave reviews from guests and visitors. And, it’s not just cosmetics—more light means better visibility for your indoor activities—crafting, painting, potting. Or, pull out a chair onto your porch and enjoy the view of your well designed landscape!


Includes a 4’x8’ porch with vinyl post and railing
Decking included
One window and shutters plus a door with window complete the package

Higher Walls


• A must if you need to maneuver long items.
• Increase the possibilities of wall storage for your garden or recreational equipment.
• Better comfort and function for taller individuals


Increase the head room and wall storage of your building without taking up more site space.

Sometimes bigger is better when it comes to storing long and ungainly items. Extend your storage with extra vertical space while not impacting the site space that you have available. Smaller structures can seemed cramped, but with higher walls they will allow more freedom of movement for you items. Stretch your storage possibilities for all of your equipment and increase the workspace you need with higher walls.


Increases wall height 12” on Cottages and 8” on Salt Box buildings.
As an option larger windows are available for higher walls.Size:

Available for any size shed. Check the style for available sizes.

Build On Site


• Have the style and storage you want without disturbing your landscape.
•The same quality you would expect from a shop-built building.


Even if you do not have the space for delivery, we can still provide you with the storage shed of your choice.

We can solve your storage issues with a shed built on your site. Keeping inconvenience to a minimum, this can be constructed in a single day! Whichever style you would desire we can produce it with the same quality as our shop-built sheds. Storage, style, quality and convenience in a building that will secure and protect all of your lawn, garden, and recreational equipment.


Single day construction
Carries the same 6 year warranty as our other buildings
Can be built wherever you have spaceSize:

See the style shed you prefer for available sizes



Color Options

Shutter Colors

Garden Shed Options & Accessories shutter colors

Garden Shed Options & Accessories paint colors

Garden Shed Options & Accessories siding colors

Choose Your Board & Batten Stain Colors

Garden Shed Options & Accessories stain colors

Garage Door Colors

Garden Shed Options & Accessories garage door colors